Forum Title: Painting Aluminum Window Frames
Has there been a discussion on this topic before? If so, I can't find it. I'm giving a quote to re-paint some exterior window frames white, the same color they currently are. They look to have been powder coated. The surface seems fairly rough in that I wouldn't think adhesion should be a problem. Do I still have to sand and spray with a bonding primer? What paint is recommended? I have seen some guys spray up to 3 coats from a can. Another I saw sprayed SW DTM from an airless. They are also sliding windows, so I imagine I will have to crack them a bit to get the edges that fit into the sill. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
Category: Painter Post By: YOLANDA ORTEGA (Carlsbad, CA), 07/30/2019

This reminds of a job I did in Marin County about twenty years ago. I used XIM as a primer and I believe an industrial alkyd enamel for the finish. I sprayed every interior part of the window frames with a conventional siphon fed cup gun. It was a nightmare! I'm sure it would go a lot better today given my experience over the years, but back then, it was a pathetic side job that had no value other than to teach me about misery.

- BRAD BARKER (Dearborn, MI), 08/04/2019

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