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It's tough getting old in this business. Used to be BM Satin Impervo was my go to paint for trim and cabinets. Nowadays solvent borne products have been pretty much ushered out the door. So for the past 4 or 5 years (7 or 8?) I've been trying the new water-borne products. Started with the SW PC acrylic/alkyd. Sprays fine, hard to brush. And slow to cure. Went to the BM Advance. Sprays great, brushes good. Longer recoat time, but that was okay, really no different from alkyd. Then I used it in a medium gray color on cabs and after 7 days of drying on the racks, the doors still stuck to the face-frames of the cabinets. Actually pulled the paint off in a few places. I told my BM dealer about it and he said it must have been the humidity. I told him it was all done inside with the AC running; he said it must have been the humidity. Well, sh!t. Next stop was PPG Breakthrough. RF swears by it and PPG finally came to town here, converting the old ICI/Glidden store to a PPG store. I gave it a shot on a couple of jobs and loved it for the adhesion and fast cure. Brushing, not so much, but I learned to deal with it. Went there today and was informed they weren't going to stock it anymore, but they could order it. Deep sigh, here. So I go to SW and end up with some PC semi-gloss acrylic. Sprayed some today. Looks good. Sprayed airless with 210 FF. Still doesn't level like oil and don't know how the cure time will be, but we'll see. I'm thinking some extender would help for the leveling. Any opinions from those with more experience with PC acrylic would be much appreciated.
Category: Painter Post By: KIRK RODGERS (Redondo Beach, CA), 07/07/2019

I'm about to try Muralo Ultra for the trim on a residential repaint. This will be the satin. I've read nothing but good things about it. Apparently brushes out well--very similar to Advance. Lays out like oil, grips good and durable. Brush, roll or spray. It ain't cheap though--I was quoted $58-$68 depending on sheen. Others on here know a lot more about it, but (other than my price) sounds like the cat's meow in most all applications. Oh yeah, recoat time is half or less than Advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- MARVIN VARGAS (Riverside, CA), 08/26/2019

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