Forum Title: New drywall primer gone bad
I'm not new to this great site, but am now posting a question for the first time. My husband and I are owner/builders. Brought in a painter, highly recommended, to prime new drywall. Used PPG Speedhide, sprayed and rolled. Saw nothing wrong with end result. These walls have actually been sanded as well. Photo attached. Hope it uploaded right. Had to bring in my drywall guy to skim coat every inch. Some areas were so thick with primer, we ended up doing several skim coats/sanding. Skim coat done, I rolled Gardz over all skim coated walls. Finish coat is BM Regal Eggshell. Question it possible to spot prime with Gardz, before final finish coat, without it flashing? I did a sample section, and I can see exactly the area where it was rolled. Do I actually have to roll an entire wall with the Gardz again before final eggshell topcoat? I am finally at a point where I can contribute...I can't lay brick, hang drywall or pull wires, we'll pull wires I can do. ? We just want to live in this house and be done with building it. Thanks so much for any guidance.
Category: Painter Post By: BESSIE VAUGHN (Milpitas, CA), 07/13/2019

Oh wow what the heck was that painter using? 5 nap? Maybe he sprayed to thick and didn't want to even it out and just backrolled it like sour cream on a burrito. I like the Speedhide sealer , but I'm not sure about Gardz. Wild guess, you should be fine just spot priming and 2 coats of Regal. Make sure you feather the patch in real good otherwise you'll see it . Don't you hate it when painters come highly recommended only to find out they kniw nothing about painting? I sure do...

- Timothy Gob (Lehigh, PA), 08/18/2019

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