Forum Title: Advice on primer problem
I'm doing some cabinets that are maple with poly topcoat. Light sand and then scotch pad with acetone. So they are clean and deglossed. I used SW Multi-Purpose Water-Based Acrylic-Alkyd Primer for the first time. It seemed like a good choice under the PC waterborne I use as topcoat. 12 hours later I go to spray topcoats and the primer adhesion is terrible. Scrapes with dull thumbnail Worse where I was a little too thin. I don't trust the adhesion What to do now? I have half the doors primed. (15) Do I add another primer coat and hope adhesion improves by being thicker? Do I sand it all off? Spray Bin over it? Just proceed with topcoats and hope a nice hard cured finish will mitigate the problem? Has anybody else had adhesion issues with this primer or just me
Category: Painter Post By: ALICIA MCCOY (Pasadena, TX), 07/21/2019

I would sand and re prime with Gripper.

- NATALIE PARKS (New Britain, CT), 08/30/2019

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